Custer County Repave-2GSB-Repave


GSB-Repave is a versatile, in-place asphalt recycling additive that stretches dollars and saves resources. It is a gilsonite-enhanced emulsion that has superior blending characteristics with recycled asphalt millings, allowing coarse and fine aggregate to be worked into a consistent, malleable finished product that will exhibit good Marshall Stability and is very resistant to cold temperature cracking. GSB-Repave can be blended via pugmill, blade mixing, or in conjunction with a road reclaimer of almost any kind. Matte finishing prior to compaction can be accomplished using a blade, paver, or other means suitable to the owner.

New pavement costs are escalating, and budgets are shrinking. Raw materials are becoming increasingly harder to find and properly permit. Because of these and other factors, more affordable and creative ways are needed to maintain roadways. A viable and environmentally-friendly alternative is the utilization of existing, already in-place asphalt. The byproduct commonly referred to as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) can be blended with GSB-Repave to give great benefit from this already-owned resource. The process is relatively simple, but requires the use of high-performance oil such as GSB-Repave to rejuvenate, blend, and reconstitute the RAP. Because of its unique formulation, GSB-Repave is easy to use and works remarkably well.

Wilson Lane finished-1Options for use are flexible and highly customizable, depending on your unique situation. Equipment availability, location of project or millings, job site, time allocation, and more can all be factored in and accommodated. A GSB-Repave project can begin with a base stabilization if desired, and then continue with the asphalt recycling portion of the work, laying via paver or blade, and ultimately sealing the project with a high performance chipseal and fogseal.

Complete GSB-Repave road rebuild, resurface, and sealing projects have been done at savings of up to 60% compared to the cost of new pavement. Recycled pavements utilizing GSB-Repave also show superior crack resistance and longevity. In summary, the economic and environmental benefits from using the product are enormous.