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More Anti-Aging ➔ Fewer Projects

More anti-aging binder skillfully applied to asphalt pavements translates to more extended service life (ESL) for those pavements, longer durations between projects, and fewer projects over time. The robust treatments on the GSB-88® Product Platform, namely GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™, were created for this purpose.

One Truck. One Pass. Done.

We have paired GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™ with an application unit uniquely designed to synchronously apply the high quality, anti-aging GSB emulsions and their high-performing fine aggregates in a wide range of computer-controlled, laser-accurate amounts – all in one pass.


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Smoother Projects

GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™ projects require a fraction of the amount of equipment, personnel, and time compared to projects for other robust treatments (e.g., chip seal, slurry seal, microsurfacing). And these fine aggregate treatment projects have none of the pain points of other robust treatment projects (e.g., mess, cracked windshields from large, loose chips, long road closures, etc.)


No Downstream Issues

GSB-88-Medium™ and GSB-88-Heavy™ treatments integrate into the pavement in one pass, leaving a pleasing, problem-free, long-term surface. And these fine aggregate treatments have none of the downstream issues associated with other robust treatments (e.g., delamination, retreatment complications or restrictions, etc.).


In short, customers get high-performance asphalt pavement preservation with less hassle during projects, fewer projects over time, and no downstream issues.