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The GSB-88® Product Platform is appropriate for a range of pavements, from new pavements to pavements with PCI ratings down into the 50s. When it comes to preserving roads, the optimal amount of high-quality, anti-aging binder varies, depending on the condition and use of the pavement. And you may have different project experience preferences. That’s why we built the GSB-88® Product Platform:

GSB-88®: The original emulsion-based restorative and protective sealer brought to market in 1988.

GSB-88-MEDIUM™: A medium treatment designed to offer more ESL* and a faster return to traffic than GSB-88®.

GSB-88-HEAVY™: A heavy† treatment designed to offer the most ESL and the fastest return to traffic of any GSB Product.


There are two things a surface treatment can do to extend the service life of an asphalt pavement: i) penetrate to enhance it from the inside, or ii) seal to protect it from the outside. Most surface treatments do one thing, but GSB Products do both:

  • GSB integrates into the pavement and becomes part of the surface matrix to restore, restructure, strengthen, and protect the aging pavement. Other treatments sit on the pavement surface and may crack, peel (delaminate), or wear off.
  • GSB also provides a durable, UV-proof, and waterproof seal, protecting the asphalt binder.

Huge ROI Achievable

Multiple longitudinal studies have demonstrated that road asphalt pavements with high-quality surface treatments, when applied early in the pavement life and with regular reapplications, will maintain significantly higher PCI values than unmaintained pavements. In short, you will gain a huge ROI from high-quality surface treatments that extend the service life of your pavements.


* Extended Service Life (ESL) is the increase to the pavement’s remaining service life due to the treatment.

† GSB-88-Heavy™ is also known as GSB-Friction Seal® in some markets. Patent #10982097.

‡ Legacy Problems are issues created by traditional pavement preservation products, including treatment deterioration and future treatment constraints.