Why ASI?

We are all about your success and use our Superior Chemistry to deliver High-Performance Asphalt Pavement Preservation for you. No asphalt preservation product manufacturer goes further to help your project succeed. Talk with us and see for yourself.

Superior Chemistry in our Products:

Gilsonite Sealer/Binder (GSB) Products are inherently anti-aging.  Oxidation ruins asphalt pavement binder. Our unique GSB chemistry slows the molecular aging and deterioration reactions in pavement binder oils, so it keeps the binder healthy.

In: Other sealers sit on the pavement surface and may crack, peel (delaminate), or wear off. GSB Products become part of the surface matrix to restore, restructure and strengthen the aging pavement.

On: Traditional “rejuvenators” that penetrate pavement do not seal or protect. GSB Products leave a durable, UV-proof and waterproof seal that rebinds and protects.

Pavement Surface: If your pavement is structurally sound and constructed properly, then your primary concern is aging from binder oxidation processes: e.g., heat, UV, rain, snow, solvents and chemicals. And it’s all about the surface. If you keep the surface in good shape (i.e., restore it and seal it with GSB) you extend the service life of the entire pavement.

Used Successfully and Evaluated for Decades: GSB Products have been used successfully on roads and airfields in the US and around the world for more than 40 years. The performance of our products has been rigorously evaluated by the US Department of Defense and world class laboratories around the world.

Just the Good Stuff: The high quality, anti-aging binder in all GSB Products is what integrates with pavements to restore and seal them. We don’t add any fillers.

Just the Right Amounts: Depending on the condition and use of the pavement, and the purpose of the treatment, the optimal amount of high quality, anti-aging binder varies, so we offer a variety of products.

Superior Chemistry in our Customer Relationships:

Pavement Evaluations & Consultation: This is what our ASI Experts do. They take the time to understand your needs and wants related to your pavement preservation project and bring decades of experience to the table to help you find success. Click the link below to talk with one.
Project Success Checklist: Our ASI Experts and Onsite Representatives use a proprietary software platform we developed to track and manage every aspect of our role in our customers' projects, ensuring we are doing everything within our power to set our customers up for success.
Onsite Representative: We have Onsite Representatives on our customers' projects to make sure we are doing everything in our power – given the nature of our role – to set our customers' projects up for success.